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Welcome to Troy Systems. Troy Systems is a wholesale glass company located in Manassas, VA. We have our own glass factory at our US location and also have a factory in Qingdao, China for large wholesale orders. We custom cut at these locations to help you with your wholesale orders and use only the highest quality glass.

Purchasing wholesale glass from overseas can be a daunting task. Issues that arise can include: getting your glass order scheduled and finding room in a container to be shipped, hassles with scheduling and returns if there is an issue, scratches, nicks, broken pieces, order mistakes, long arrival times & not being fully protected from fraud.

Troy Systems can solve these problems. We offer: a bridge between our Chinese plant and our US plant which means you won’t have to wait to schedule your shipment as we have shipments scheduled and arriving weekly as well as room within our containers for your order, we use the same type of high-quality glass that matches, a US plant where we can cut that same matching high-quality glass if your order arrives with any issues, no worries about fraud as payments are made to a US company & guaranteed orders regarding any damage or mistakes. Plus, we’re just a phone call away!

If you’re looking to purchase glass and mirror on a non-wholesale basis, please visit our site or  Amazon store.

Who We Are

Troy Systems is a glass supplier, fabricator, and producer of glass for residential and commercial applications.

We’ve invested in the most advanced glass fabrication equipment available, so we can temper, cut, and polish our glass and mirrors on-site. This means:

  • Our service and turnaround time is second to none
  • We don’t rely on third parties for your satisfaction
  • You get more custom glass options
  • We can offer factory pricing on many products

We’ve earned our place as the top glass supplier in the area.

Custom Wholesale Glass

We’ve invested in the most advanced glass fabrication equipment available, including IG, beveling and polishing lines, temper furnace, CNC units, automatic glass cutters, multiple high-capacity glass-cutting tables, shape cutters, drills, sandblasting units, and more. This means you can get:

  • Custom shapes cut to your specification
  • Custom cut-outs for outlets, vents, cords, etc.
  • Custom options like tempering, glass color, and edge work

Products We Supply

Troy Systems can supply you with the following standard types of glass and mirrors:

Sheet Glass  – in clear, low-iron, frosted, bronze, gray, and various patterns

Mirrors – in a variety of shapes and functions and colors

Hardware – for all your mirror and glass needs

Glass Table Tops – for residential or commercial applications

Glass Shelves – in a variety of sizes or shapes

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